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"People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care".

We are serious about our work.
Our commitment to quality speaks for itself.

The benefits of properly designed security system demonstrated
in Helltek booth at BuildingsNY show in New York's Jacob Javits
Convention Center captured by show photographer.
False alarm prevention, user training, technical support, prompt service - are some of the terms used in security business.

We are in business to provide our customers with reliable security systems and peace of mind. Our systems are designed with end user in mind. Simple to operate, nearly transparent to the user.

Our work is done in professional manner, scheduled at customer's convenience. Our "fine print" is written in big letters. No surprises, no hidden charges.

"Your security is our business".

Doing it right doesn't cost more than doing it wrong.
In the long run the system done right will cost less in down-time and repairs.

Before An example of sloppy installation.
While there are some really nice security system installations, there are also many done sloppy. They maight have been installed by underqualified workers, or greedy salespeople underbid the price just to make the sale and then could not provide enough time and manpower to do the work right. The bottom line is that customers suffered down-time, system break-downs and the expense of countless repairs.

"Our customers get the quality they deserve. Our customers are not numbers. They are people we meet in person, people we work with".
After Systems done right usually work without repairs.
Above is the work of previous contractor.
Rat's nest of wires. Touching anything here
is looking for trouble. That's a wrong way
to do a job. It was worth to take a picture.
On the right is the system after repair.
Quite a difference. If there ever will be
a service call, it will not cost a fortune.
The system was made to last.

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