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Wireless Alarm System
Making Home Security Simple and Convenient
Burglary - Medical Emergency - Home Violence
Designed for home with many convenience features, this system is also suitable for small business.

Arm / disarm, check system status, turn lights ON and OFF from your cellphone at no additional cost!

Full Voice Response
LYNX speaks to you in plain English, indicating system status with zone descriptions.
(Spanish version available)
LYNX can be used to schedule events,
turn lights on or off at specified times.
Crystal Clear LCD Display
The unit's easy-to-read display provides system status, a real time clock and an indicator lets you know when a message is waiting.
Family Message Center
LYNX allows family members to record and playback messages and reminders for each other.
Built-in Wireless Receiver
Supports ADEMCO's proven line of 5800 series wireless devices, including the 5804BDV talking remote control.
One-button and Automatic Paging
LYNX can automatically send a page to your numeric pager or cellphone with a system event, or notify you when your child arrives from school and disarm the system.
Light Control
LYNX's X-10 Home Automation and scheduling capabilities can turn lights and other devices on or off at specified times, upon alarm event, or on condition (arm/disarm, door open, motion detected, etc).

Advanced security with a wide range of convenient home automation features
that will make everyday life a little easier for you and your family.
When you're protected by LYNX, you get much more than peace of mind.

1, The user-friendly LYNX puts optimum security at your family's fingertips. Features include a full 16 button keypad, an easy to read LCD display and a voice response system that speaks to you in plain English.
Bringing you the highest level
of quality

When it comes to home security, trust LYNX to protect your most precious possession of all...
...the security of your family.
5, LYNX can send a message to your numeric pager or cellphone to let you know your kids have arrived home safely from school when they disarm the system. LYNX can also page you with the touch of a button.
2, The sleek all-in-one unit can be placed on a wall or tabletop. Because LYNX is wireless, installation is quick, clean and efficient.
6, Reliable wireless sensors protect your home from trouble before it gets out of control.
3, Control your security system, appliances, even lights, with convenient wireless keys. One-button operation eliminates the need to remember codes.
7, Protect larger areas or provide a second level of security with advanced passive infrared motion detectors. Protect windows with compact shatter and shock sensors.
4, Enhanced wireless keys give you the convenience and power of two-way feedback. With the press of a button, you can confirm system status and operate appliances.
8, In the event of an alarm, LYNX transmits a message to a central station. Your home is monitored 24 hours a day.

FREE burglar deterent reflective door / window stickers with installation.

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Carbon Monoxide Alarm Test Kit

New York City law (effective on November 2, 2004) requires the installation of
carbon monoxide detecting devices within proximity of sleeping rooms in private
homes as well as multiple occupancy dwellings such as apartment buildings.

Carbon Monoxide CO detector sensor has a typical life of two to five years.
Therefore, it is very important that regular tests are carried out, to ensure correct function of aging alarms.

Carbon Monoxide Test Kit provides safe and easy testing. The kit gives a safe level of CO to create test condition. Each can includes test gas which is good for 7 tests. Comes complete with re-usable plastic hood and stickers. Designed for all UL2034 compliant alarms.
CO-Test ..... $34.95

Battery operated Carbon Monoxide detectors

Battery operated Carbon Monoxide detector provides protection during power outage. Most accurate electrochemical sensor technology on the market. Batteries included.
CO-BA-1 ..... $39.95
Battery operated CO detector with Digital Display. Peak level memory - recalls highest reading. Electrochemical CO sensor. LED indicators. Battery operated.
CO-BA-2 ..... $69.95

120VAC Plug-in Carbon Monoxide detectors

Plug-in Basic Carbon Monoxide detector. Most accurate electrochemical sensor technology. Easy installation - mounts to any wall outlet.
CO-PL-1 ..... $39.95
Plug-in Premium Carbon Monoxide detector with Digital Display and Battery Backup. Electrochemical sensor. Peek level memory. 24 hours power-failure battery backup.
CO-PL-2 ..... $69.95

36" x 36" Kitchen Fire Blanket

Pouring water on grease fire may not extinguish the flame. Water may actually splash the burning oil all over the stove, making it even worse.

Kitchen Fire Blanket is ideal for small kitchen fires. No messy cleanup, reusable, impervious to direct flame up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, 36" x 36" with pull handles, stored in firehydrant shaped red or yellow container.

FireBlanket_Red ....... $39.95 (Qty)
FireBlanket_Yellow ... $39.95 (Qty)
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